IT Outsourcing in the San Francisco Bay Area


Today, many clients consider SPTJ Consulting their network consultant and in-house system administrator.  It’s rather like “Relax and leave the driving to us.”

Zero downtime during
network failure

Design a failover infrastructure with a redundancy feature to prevent production downtime. We provide continual support and monitoring until normal operation resumes.

Secured connection
among multiple offices

Wide Area Network (WAN) establishes connections among multiple branches of office. We implement secured protocol connections with MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) or Internet Protocol Security (IPsec).

Local Area Network (LAN) Implementation and Support

Integrate reliable internal infrastructure of network switches, domain server, email server, application systems, virtual and high-availability environment, Wi-Fi integration, desktop environment, and mobile computing.

1. Office Infrastructure

2. Internet Security

3. Business Continuity

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

As soon as you connect your computer and server to the Internet you are vulnerable to attack. There are computers programmed to search for and detect open ports. We implement the industry standard of an Internet router and firewall that will protect you from risks to your security.


Integrated Systems

Office Network Infrastructure

A well-structured network system is vital to business success.

Technology “gadgets” link people together to work as a team that mainly communicates electronically by computers.  Your computer is no longer a stand-alone entity for your use only.  It is an entity of the Internet or a Local Area Network (LAN).

Consider these questions:

  • How do you share your data in a production environment securely?

  • Is your existing office computer equipment shared for maximum use?

  • Is your employees’ expertise properly used in a work-flow environment?

  • Will you able to sleep well at night knowing your data are being backed up?

  • Can you afford Internet downtime, compare the failover IT investment vs. downtime cost on payroll, rent, insurance, customer satisfaction, and others by the hour?

In a workgroup environment, everyone works as part of the team. The structure of a network system defines a company's operation and data flow.  When it is well-structured, everyone on the team is talking the same "office language" without actually speaking to each other.  With that accomplished, the efficiency and effectiveness of your team becomes apparent.

Our experience in computer information systems enables us to help you set up the basics, freeing you to focus on running your business.