We cover the San Francisco California Bay Area.

There are lots of choices out there. In the old days, you’d turn to the Yellow Pages to find the professional you were looking for.  Today, it’s the Internet and social media. And the numbers of choices are mind boggling.  But you can stop right here.  "You're in the right place with SPTJ Consulting."   Whether or not you know what you're looking for to put your computer to its best use, we can help and will provide a comfort level to put your mind at ease.  All these implementation give you increase of performance, security, and simplicity.  We are such a pioneer that we found other companies were copying our website content and refer to our winning proposal to bid for government RFP.

Office Network Infrastructure

We design brand new network infrastructure and streamline existing office’s setup.  In our Local Area Network (LAN) structure, we factor all user aspect from physical layer to application layer.

Based on the user applications requirement, we assemble outline for recommendation.

Our area of expertise

  • Network cabling and patch panel scheme

  • Server room planning and constructing

  • Server rack organization and layout

  • Office relocation and consolidation

  • Network switch redundancy

  • Layer-2 network partitioning to multiple virtual LAN

Networking Equipment Setup

Based on organization size and mission critical applications level, we prepare our customers with computer networking devices with proper grade of equipment.  Therefore, they can function securely with the option to achieve zero down time.

We are experienced with

  • Integrating internal office networking hardware

  • Protection by multiple layer of security hardware

  • Distribution of function by router, firewall, and switch

  • Hardware failover automation to avoid production downtime

  • Securing Wi-Fi with multiple SSID on different virtual LAN

Internet Connectivity & Security

Today’s applications depend highly on the availability of Internet connection.  We must diligently choose Internet service providers to provide stable connection.  In addition, we recommend running your business with a standby Internet service provider.

We program and automate

  • Internet connection failover between different service providers

  • Site to site multiple secure tunnel failover between different service providers

  • Branch offices connectivity using IPSec VPN and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

  • Remote user to access cloud based application with secondary link

System Integration and Office Automation

In an office environment, users share data and network resources.  We utilize network servers from authenticating user, limiting access, sharing application to centralizing data backup.  We are mixed in the era of in-house application and cloud based app. System integration to accomplish all needs is never been more important.

We implement and support

  • Google Apps for Business

  • Microsoft Windows server and network

  • Microsoft Exchange server

  • Microsoft Windows server virtualization

  • Ubuntu server and virtualization

Electronic Newsletter and Online Registration

Previously, we all relied on brochures, flyers, direct mail pieces, and other marketing methods to reach our target market.  These still work in a sense.  But the new generation of audiences turns first to the Internet and the content that reaches their smart mobile devices.

We design and execute

  • In-house electronic newsletter

  • In-house online registration

  • Cloud base electronic newsletter and RSVP

  • Mass mailing to reach designated audiences

Website Development

A strong web presence transports you to the cyber world.

Sometimes we hear, “If you can’t find it on the Internet, it’s not out there.”  Well, that’s not true.  But that is the perception today of a product, service, or company.  How do you tell the world that you are out there?  It's easy--you can increase your competitive edge with your very own web site.  It works. No doubt about it.  If you're not there, you're missing the boat.  A well-designed, well-written web site is the quickest and most effective way to reach your audiences.